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Some people could argue that Bitcoin is the currency of the future. Although it was originally designed to be just a payment method, every day, more and more people from all around the world have come to see this relatively new currency as an investment category.

In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have become more and more popular and far more accessible for everyone. And some of the top cryptocurrency trading apps have made the process of selling and buying cryptocurrencies much easier and friendlier for their users. makes cryptocurrency investing easier and, because of that, by January of 2021, it had more than 106 million users.

Let’s back up a little and talk about Bitcoin

So, what is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency, and what this means is that it is a form of electronic money, residing in your computer or even your mobile device, so you cannot actually have physical Bitcoins in your wallet or your pocket.

Nowadays, everything you buy has to go through a bank or credit card company, which takes a cut of the transaction, relying on your trust that they will do everything right, and after some time, you can see that those payments start to build up. You have to also trust your card company to keep your details safe.

Some back story

A lot of people have tried to learn how to have a payment system without that middleman; however, that just poses another question: how do you prove that you have paid for something or even that you have that money at all without someone vouching for you?

Satoshi Nakamoto offered a solution in 2008: he proposed a system of currency that solves all of these problems. He proposed on a cryptography blog that, instead of a bank or credit card company recording every transaction in one central ledger, all of the users would record all of the transactions at the same time, and as a result, any attempt to fool the community would be noticed and the payment rejected.

Imagine if everyone could trust a digital currency to work without that middlemen, you could say that the way the world economy functions could be transformed, even for the better.

Cryptocurrency trading apps

Just imagine 5 software wallets, 2 hardware wallets, 15 private keys for exchanges and 2 on-Ramps. All of these are the number of platforms and services that the average crypto trader has to use and keep track of. However, as was mentioned at the beginning, a lot of cryptocurrency trading apps have made the trading process way friendlier for their users.

Let’s discuss is a cryptocurrency and payment platform that makes cryptocurrency investing easier. The mobile app offers a great user interface and a seamless navigation experience that does not compare to any other cryptocurrency platform.

When you open the app for the first time, you will need to register. After this, you will be asked a few questions and you will take a couple of selfies to verify your account. will also ask you for a phone number to verify your account and will send you a verification code. If you are not comfortable with sharing your personal credentials, some companies offer Non-VoIP numbers. These are real phone numbers that will help you protect your information; companies such as VerifyWithSMS offer a US phone number generator that will help you bypass account verification while also protecting your credentials. The verification process is so simple, very quick and secure, and if everything is accurate, your account is usually verified within 20 minutes.

Some of the perks does a great job at their marketing, plus, they also give back so much to the community. You could say that they give back the most out of any cryptocurrency project in the world, whether that is weekly Bitcoin giveaways, Tesla giveaways or giving away select Cryptos for 50% off on their exchange.

Another perk about the app is that they have a Top Gainers Tab and a Favorites Tab, which is essentially the entire coin market cap app inside of the app. And lastly, on the Home Page is located their Crypto News Tab, which offers a bunch of news and updates revolving around moving on to purchasing cryptocurrencies.

 After the verification process

Finally, once you are verified, you will be granted access to the Golden Gates of; like was mentioned before, the user interface is so simplified and neat, while still offering so much. To get started, your Total Balance is at the top of the Home Page, the number includes the Crypto Wallet, Fiat Wallet, MCO Card Balance, and if you are outside of the United States, it will also include your Crypto Balance, your Invest Balance or your Beta Exchange Balance.

sms verification

Fluctuate along with one of the best crypto apps ever!


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