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A Guide to Twitch

  Streaming has risen in popularity in the last few years because it is the perfect way to interact and share personal, unique and creative content with other people. With more than 140 million monthly active users and more than 15 million daily active users, Twitch is one of the most used platforms for video games and live broadcasts. Then, let’s get into what exactly is Twitch Founded in 2011, Twitch is an online streaming broadcasting platform. On this platform, users can do live video streaming for nearly any type of content they want – of course, it has to be within the terms of service – such as games, cooking and food, music, talk shows, special events, podcasts, fun Q&A sessions and even travel - just to name a few! It is the perfect platform for people from all over the world to interact with one another, chat and just make their own entertainment. Twitch was started primarily for gamers, but like the world, it has expanded and now features a huge variety of content for

Airbnb or

Because it used to be a pain to compare and book accommodations when you are traveling, comparison sites are the best ways to go, with their tools to filter down and help you book the perfect stay. But now the problem is that there are a lot of comparison sites that can make it difficult to choose one. So, let’s compare two comparison and booking sites, and help you navigate easily through them while finding the best deals for your future travels. Let’s help you save some money! What is Airbnb? As one of the fastest growing travel sites in the world, Airbnb is an amazing service that has listing in 220 countries worldwide, where travelers can rent a place to stay for a period of time and travel around the world in a more affordable way; property owners can rent out their spaces to other people, like private rooms for individual guests, bigger spaces for more than one guest or even an entire property. Because Airbnb has listings in almost every country, the chances of you finding a

Learn about Spotify

  Spotify Technology S.A or Spotify, is a Swedish streaming service for digital music, videos and podcasts. Spotify has a library of more than 70 million songs and podcasts that allow its users to listen to any content of their choice at any time, thanks to their licensing deals with major corporations like Sony Music, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group. A bit more on Spotify Founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzo in 2006 and launched in 2008, Spotify is one of the largest and most popular music streaming service in the world, with more than 345 million monthly active users and over 155 million paying subscribers. On Spotify, users will have instant access to an unlimited library where they will find a large variety of artists and genres that can go from movie soundtracks to classical music, from the top 40 pop songs to rock ones. Its algorithm will recommend songs based on the users’ listening activity, curated playlist, titles of their playlists and even their favorit

How to Verify a Walmart Account

 Walmart is considered one of the world's biggest retailers and largest corporations ever. Its stores are so popular, that you can easily find one (if not several) in your own town. For a while now, Walmart has been implementing online sales. If you want to enter this e-commerce world, just sign up for a Walmart account. Consider this the best tutorial you’ll ever read about how to verify a Walmart account using your email and phone number. Let’s break this into two parts, shall we? Verifying your email Click on the Account tab on the main page. You will find different options related to your account settings: Manage account: you can edit/add basic information, such as delivery addresses, payment methods (credit/debit cards, Gift cards, EBT cards), and a Walmart Credit Card. Subscriptions and plans: including Walmart+ and some protection plans. Other accounts: such as Walmart Pharmacy, Walmart Photo, Walmart Vudu (an on-demand video streaming service), and Walmart eBooks. Privacy a