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Advantages of a Non-VoIP number

Below there are some advantages of Non-VoIP service. For more information go check out our last article about virtual phone numbers ! ·          PORTABILITY OF SERVICE – Non-VoIP phone service provides a quick access to a virtual telephone number with which you can receive an account verification text message. In other words, a real phone number will not be needed for verification in a specific service: you can easily use a Non-VoIP number. ·          NO EXTRA CHARGES – Because it is a number that is not associated with a location, bill charges that may come with a normal phone number are removed, as well as long distance charges. ·          COST SAVINGS – Non-VoIP has a lower maintenance cost. It is cheaper to purchase a temporary phone number that will allow you to receive several text messages through the computer than to purchase a phone line. ·          SERVICE AUTOMATION – These numbers can be integrated with programs with different softwares to make mass verifica