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Bypass SMS verification with Non-VoIP phone numbers.

Virtual phone numbers are basically telephone numbers obtained without giving out personal information such as name, ID or credit card number, and they are not directly associated to a phone line. There are two types of virtual phone numbers: VoIP Numbers and Non-VoIP Numbers , both used to make or receive calls, as well as send or receive text messages. A Non-VoIP Number (also known as Non-Voice Over Internet Protocol Number or Internet Telephony) is a real telephone number assigned to a user thatis associated to a specific phone line and depends on a broadband connection, unlike a VoIP Number which actually isn 't associated to any phone line and it can also be registered on any platform with no risk of blocking since these numbers are totally real and come from SIM cards. The service offered by VerifyWithSMS operated by our company EPSILON TECHNOLOGY LTD , stands out for sellingU.S. Non-VoIP numbers under the best telephone service providers such as Verizon, AT&am