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The verification code SCAM

  There has been a lot of recent news about cyber-attacks. Scammers, hackers, and other cyber-criminals attack corporations and cause huge losses of millions every day. Data breaches leave the personal information of a huge number of users exposed. Individuals suffer from identity theft. All of these are proof enough of how important security is for any website. While the people who make these attempts seem like they use state-of-the-art methods to execute them, most of the time they only need to target the weakest links in a corporation. In most cases, the weakest link of a system is the human component. People can be manipulated, bribed, or blackmailed into giving away important information. The oldest trick in the scammer's book is to fool the victim into giving away important information. This is known as phishing and it is a threat as old as the internet. While phishing is an extensive subject, today's article focuses on a modern approach. This is called the verificati

What is PayPal?

  In modern times, the internet has been adapted and used for everything. One of the best examples of this is digital wallets. With these services, one can send and receive payments without any problem whatsoever over the internet. One of the earliest and most popular of these services is PayPal. Initially launched in 1999 by the American Silicon Valley company Confinity, PayPal started off as a simple digital wallet that was adopted by eBay to grow its user base. During the last decade, PayPal implemented new features like micro-payments and mobile payments. It also started its expansion into other countries, with an emphasis on small and medium businesses. In 2014, it was announced that PayPal would become its own company independent of eBay. Today, PayPal is widely used as a payment processor for e-commerce websites, auctions, as a payment option in Google Play, charities, and many more commercial applications. PayPal has around 375 million active accounts from all over the wor