How to Verify a Walmart Account

 Walmart is considered one of the world's biggest retailers and largest corporations ever. Its stores are so popular, that you can easily find one (if not several) in your own town. For a while now, Walmart has been implementing online sales. If you want to enter this e-commerce world, just sign up for a Walmart account. Consider this the best tutorial you’ll ever read about how to verify a Walmart account using your email and phone number. Let’s break this into two parts, shall we?

Verifying your email

Click on the Account tab on the main page. You will find different options related to your account settings:

  • Manage account: you can edit/add basic information, such as delivery addresses, payment methods (credit/debit cards, Gift cards, EBT cards), and a Walmart Credit Card.
  • Subscriptions and plans: including Walmart+ and some protection plans.
  • Other accounts: such as Walmart Pharmacy, Walmart Photo, Walmart Vudu (an on-demand video streaming service), and Walmart eBooks.
  • Privacy and customer service: Walmart's privacy policy and terms of use, a pickup and delivery help center, plus personal requests you can make to the company.

Click on "Profile & password". You will see all the personal information you provided when you registered on, plus the possibility to edit it whenever you want:

  • Full name
  • email address
  • Phone number

Click on "Verify now". You will see a verification tab in which you will have to enter a validation code sent to your email. If you need a virtual number, click here.

In case you don't receive any code, you can always ask for another one by clicking on "Email a new code".

Click on "Submit". After entering the code, submit the information to complete the email verification process.

If you take too long to enter it, Walmart's platform will ask you to enter another code. In this case, just hit on "Email a new code" and wait for a new email to arrive in your inbox.


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