U.S. Non-VoIP Numbers for Twitter


Twitter is one of the most popular free microblogging platforms and social network services nowadays. Created in 2006, it allows you to send short text messages of short length, with a maximum of 280 characters called tweets that are displayed on the user’s main page. You can add personal messages, links, corporate information, images, videos, surveys and even GIFs.

twitter account verification

This social network is mainly characterized by the shortness of its messages and ease of publication, helping you to get your message to the world quickly and efficiently, sharing your experiences at the moment. In just a few seconds you can publish messages on the network from any part of the world simply by having internet connection.

This platform is available in more than 25 languages and can be used through its mobil application. You can get it in the App Store for iOS, the Google Play store for Android and the BlackBerry App World for Blackberry; you can also use Twitter through its website Twitter.com and even its Short Message Service (SMS).

If you wish to create a new Twitter account, you will be asked to enter a phone number to validate it; the same thing happens if your account gets locked out because Twitter will ask you to enter a new phone number to get it back. This way security is increased, the controlling user of the account is validated and there is a much more accurate location data.

To protect your online privacy or to verify an account using a phone number when you don’t actually have one, you can get a disposable mobile number for verification from VerifyWithSMS. The service we offer through our company EPSILON TECHNOLOGY LTD helps you to bypass Twitter phone verification, keeping your personal information private by providing a Non-VoIP number for sms verification to register your account.

Within a few seconds, the verification code is delivered to the virtual number you purchase from us so that you can use it to verify your Twitter account having no problem since our Non-VoIP numbers are perfectly compatible with this platform. As our account verification services are one of the most reliable ones having minimal costs, you won’t need to worry about Twitter policies because we offer real U.S. Non-VoIP mobile numbers.

Go check our video to see how our service is used on the Twitter platform for registration:



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