Plenty of Fish Account Verification with Non-Voip US number


Originally founded in 2003, Plenty of Fish (commonly known as POF) is one of the largest Canadian dating platforms in the world. Being an online dating service available in nine languages, it counts with a Meet Me feature that works very similar to Tinder with the option to swipe left or right to quickly scan through profiles. It is one of the few dating apps that allows you to contact with people without subscribing: when you sign up to the site, you are asked for basic information about yourself and a picture of you. The data from this is then used to match you with other users you might have a spark with.

pof sms verification

It has successfully transitioned into the modern age by being available in the App Store for iOS and the Google Play store for Android, but if you prefer to go old school you can have the desktop version or even go to

Since the beginning of dating apps, fake dating profiles have plagued the internet. The existence of spammers, stalkers and trolls harassing people make these dating websites difficult to visit and use, damaging the experience of other users. To combat this, POF requires you to enter a valid phone number to verify and activate your account but, if giving out your real number is quite an issue for you, we highly recommend you to get a disposable mobile number for verification.

With the service offered by VerifyWithSMS through our company EPSILON TECHNOLOGY LTD, you can easily register on POF using a Non-VoIP telephone number, making it the first step to protect your privacy. Our account verification service helps you to limit the amount of personal information you give out when registering on this kind of websites; this way your personal number and all the attached data about you stays safe while you get to know people online.

Two of the main reasons for this dating platform to require their users to give a phone number are that it deters people who are trying to hide their activities from others and it lowers the number of cheaters on the POF system. In other words, POF aims to identify and block spammers from the moment they sign up. Using our Non VoIP USA numbers, you protect your privacy so that you can enjoy POF’s online services without somehow compromising your identity.

Go check our video to see how our service is used on the Plenty of Fish platform for registration:



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