Non-VoIP U.S. Phone Verification for eBay


eBay is a multinational e-commerce corporation founded in 1995, that facilitates the purchase and sale of products over the internet. As it is one of the largest and best known marketplaces in the world, it offers you from kitchen and household items, clothing, smartphones and accessories, pet supplies, videogames and consoles to maternity items and jewelry.

bypass ebay sms verification

Currently, it has more than 1,100 million articles on sale and annual operations worldwide. There are three options to market the products:

·         FIXED PRICE – there is a “Buy it now!” button that allows the user to pay the fixed price defined by the seller. This modality is the most common on eBay, since 88% of the items are sold under it.

·         AUCTION - the seller has the possibility to set up a price and from there, the users compete for the item. The auction can last between 1 and 10 days, and the person with the highest offer gets to buy the product.

·         CLASSIFIED ADDS – the sale of items in this form of advertisement shows the characteristics of the item in question and its price.

As his own payment policy, the seller can establish PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or cash after the delivery, at the moment of the receipt of the order. Users can rate the seller using a positive-negative point system, depending on the success of the operation.

The eBay app makes your searches, purchases, and sales of products more comfortable. You can get it in the App Store for iOS and the Google Play store for Android; you can even go to if you just want to use your computer.

Not surprisingly, to start up in this platform you will need a sms verification service that will help you to verify your eBay account without giving out some of your personal information like your phone number. To this manner, you can use a U.S. Non-VoIP mobile number that VerifyWithSMS offers through our company EPSILON TECHNOLOGY LTD. We provide you these temporary phone numbers so that you can safely register on eBay, keeping your cellphone number from being used for fraud or fake information.

If you are wondering whether or not our virtual numbers must be used on this site for other purposes, the answer is NO. The numbers we offer are only used to verify your account once, since it is a one-time Non-VoIP phone number for verification. If eBay requires you to verify something else via sms, you just have to purchase another one of our numbers, since they are discarded once used.

Without a doubt, our service is simple, fast and reliable. Verify your eBay accounts with our real US based phones.



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