Advantages of a Non-VoIP number

Below there are some advantages of Non-VoIP service. For more information go check out our last article about virtual phone numbers!

·         PORTABILITY OF SERVICE Non-VoIP phone service provides a quick access to a virtual telephone number with which you can receive an account verification text message. In other words, a real phone number will not be needed for verification in a specific service: you can easily use a Non-VoIP number.
·         NO EXTRA CHARGES – Because it is a number that is not associated with a location, bill charges that may come with a normal phone number are removed, as well as long distance charges.
·         COST SAVINGS Non-VoIP has a lower maintenance cost. It is cheaper to purchase a temporary phone number that will allow you to receive several text messages through the computer than to purchase a phone line.
·         SERVICE AUTOMATION – These numbers can be integrated with programs with different softwares to make mass verifications; these programs can make an automatic verification using the purchased virtual numbers.   
·         VARIATY OF USES – You can use a Non-VoIP number to verify services like Amazon, Ebay, Uber Eats, Blizzard, Discord, Wallmart Money Card, Tinder, Prolific and other platforms. Also, you can register in survey sites using Non-VoIP if you want to make money online giving your opinion about products with no need to give your real phone number to verify your account.
·         PRIVACY INSURED – as mentioned above, purchasing a Non-VoIP phone number for verification does not require personal information such as your name, ID, credit card number and even your real telephone number; it is totally anonymous and you can get it using PayPal and cryptocurrency.
·         WORLD WIDE SERVICE – Since Non-VoIP numbers aren’t associated to a specific location, you can easily purchase one from a country different than yours.

Without a doubt, Non-VoIP service is simple, fast and reliable. Verify all your accounts with these virtual phone numbers.



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