Bypass SMS verification with Non-VoIP phone numbers.

Virtual phone numbers are basically telephone numbers obtained without giving out personal information such as name, ID or credit card number, and they are not directly associated to a phone line. There are two types of virtual phone numbers: VoIP Numbers and Non-VoIP Numbers, both used to make or receive calls, as well as send or receive text messages.

A Non-VoIP Number (also known as Non-Voice Over Internet Protocol Number or Internet Telephony) is a real telephone number assigned to a user thatis associated to a specific phone line and depends on a broadband connection, unlike a VoIP Number which actually isn't associated to any phone line and it can also be registered on any platform with no risk of blocking since these numbers are totally real and come from SIM cards.

The service offered by VerifyWithSMS operated by our company EPSILON TECHNOLOGY LTD, stands out for sellingU.S. Non-VoIP numbers under the best telephone service providers such as Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Spectrum; with the best prices on the market, the cost of a Non-VoIP number for sms verification goes from 1.14$ each, and can be registered on different platforms that require a phone number:Google Voice, Gmail, Hotmail, WhatsApp, and so on.These virtual numbers can only be used to receive text messages.

virtual number

A big advantage of our Non-VoIP numbers is the privacy: to those who consider this a very sensitive topic, this type of virtual phone number is perfect since personal data won't be necessary toregister in other companies.

Non-VoIP numbers are more frequently used for Google Voice registration. Our biggest number of costumers comes from China, since telephone numbers associated to phone lines in this country cannot be used on this kind of registrations due to the prohibition of Google Voice services. As a consequence of this, our customers buy Non-VoIP numbers to register in the mentioned platform. Another big part of our group of customers comes from the U.S., Ireland and Latin America. 

Money is all that's needed in order to get a Non-VoIP phone number. Our company currently accepts PayPal and cryptocurrency, more specifically bitcoin and ethereum, which are the most used by our customers.As cryptocurrency prices fluctuate due there is no standard price at any given period of time, the cost of each of our U.S. Non-VoIP mobile numbers is 1.14$ at the exchange on the exact moment our customers are making the transaction with bitcoin or ethereum.

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As mentioned at the beginning, all the virtual phone numbers currently offered by our company are only from the U.S.; companies such as SMSPva provide Non-VoIP numbers from every other part of the world.

One of the peculiarities that our service has is the one-timeNon-VoIP phone number for verification; in other words, once a customer receives the text message, the virtual number becomes entirely inaccessible to other customers, including the purchaser. In a near future, it is possible that our Non-VoIP numbers could be used in more than just one occasion: this is known as Rentals. This service was developed for users so they can retain extended access to the same virtual number for exactly 7 days; lifetime Rentals cannot be purchased, but users might utilize the renew Rental feature.

When one of our Non-VoIP numbers is purchased, our company gives a time limit to receive the text message; that is, the customer requests the virtual number and is given a period from 5 to 10 minutes to receive the text message. Other companies such as TextVerifiedand SMSPva give a time limit up to 20 minutes. If the customer does not receive the text message, the purchased Non-VoIP number is erased since it was not used: our company chargesfor every received text message instead of every purchased virtual number. The money is immediately refunded to the costumer.

Without a doubt, our service is simple, fast and reliable. 
Verify all your accounts with our real US based phones.



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